Why Are Childcare Educators Earning So Little?

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Childcare is known for being unaffordable in some places. Some parents say that it’s too expensive and there must be another way to keep their children safe without relying on overpriced services.

However, it goes without saying that these so-called expensive services are still not enough to call the wages of pre-school educators “enough”. In this article, you’ll find out the reason behind this issue.

Unaffordability of Childcare for Parents

Since 2010, many agencies refer to childcare as “unaffordable” for parents, considering that the only service given is taking care of the kids. It’s been an issue discussed for some time now and even though it might be true to some parents, many childcare educators and caretakers are still struggling to make ends meet.

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Median Wages of Childcare Workers

A statistics agency released a survey that found that childcare workers are receiving an amount of around $10 per hour on average. Preschool caretakers aren’t any better though since they get around $14 per hour.

It’s different for Kindergarten educators since they receive around $30 per hour on average.

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Now we get into the question, why? Since it’s already no denying that the price of childcare is indeed unaffordable to most parents, you shouldn’t omit some details about childcare facilities.

Childcare workers get so little money due to the fact that there are utilities they should pay for. This may include chalk, blackboard, toys, and more. All of this causes providers to only spend so little for themselves while focusing on the needs of children before anything else.

Now you know the reason behind this issue, what should the country do now? Yes, the government itself should address this issue and make some changes involving childcare, especially the financial aspects of said service.

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