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Nonviolent Solution is an agency that provides early childhood educators with the information and services they need to raise children in a peaceful environment. We also offer services that give parents an opportunity to cherish every moment with their children.

Never miss a moment

Your child’s development is one of the few things that you should never forget. From pictures of them to milestones that they achieve, we’ll help you capture every moment.

Remember those special moments

As a parent, you’ll always be busy and memories of your child can easily be lost. It’s no denying that there are no surefire ways to keep those moments. Nonviolent Solution helps you capture every special moment of your child that are too valuable to forget which are otherwise too fleeting.

Search for childcare centers

Sending your children to a childcare center can result in you being unaware of the moments they spend in daycare. We at Nonviolent Solution provide parents with the option to keep updated with their kids by sending them to live updates on how their kids are doing in the daycare.

Keep in touch with family and friends

Our database stores information about the application of your kids to the daycare. This is so that we can send the information towards people you know. Since parents can be too busy sometimes, you have to have someone to take care of your kids while they’re in daycare, your family for example.

Participate in engaging activities

We hold engaging activities once in a while not only for kids in the daycare but also for their parents. We believe interaction is important for parents to get along with each other. After all, your kids may be friends with their kids for some time.

Brag about them with your friends

Parents sometimes have the urge to brag about their kids to their friends or even families. That’s where we come in. We can give you any information you need to show off to family and friends.

From videos of your kids participating in activities to their projects which they spent hours working on by using creativity.

Your very own journal

Remember that we at Nonviolent Solution will do our best to capture each moment of your kids. Don’t worry because we keep the pictures or even videos in a journal that you may opt for if you feel like showing off your kids to other parents.

If you are interested in any of these, feel free to contact our team here at Nonviolent Solution. You may also subscribe to keep updated with all our posts about childcare programs and public policies. For more information about who we are, you can visit this page.