Our Mission

pageimage about - Our MissionNonviolent Solution was established in early 2019 and have been operating and providing services for parents and early childhood educators since then. We provide education curriculums and programs like nothing else in the United States.

We incorporate interactive learning with our lessons as we believe it’s the fastest and most effective way to learn.

We help children see all the exciting possibilities of learning as they experience life inside the daycare. We care genuinely about your child as an individual and so we provide only the best teaching methods that will keep them active inside the daycare.

We built a safe, peaceful, and happy environment for your kids that will truly make the most out of their potential. While we encourage learning before anything else, we still make it as enjoyable as possible for your kids.

Our Mission

Our mission is fundamentally divided into two ways:

To help parents connect with other families to maximize the potential of each of their kids through interactions, friendships, and connections.

To nurture the growth and development of a child to their fullest potential in the most caring and loving way possible. Our curriculum is blended with interactions and learning.

We here at Nonviolent Solution believe that these two things will contribute both to the development of a child. They should not only be focused on learning and their growth, but also with their environment and the people around them.


Nonviolent Solutions provide services from all around the state of Tennessee since our headquarters are located in Nashville. However, we have several other locations all over the United States. You can learn more about our services in these locations on the respective page.


Here at Nonviolent Solution, we focus on developing and providing programs and curriculum revolving around early childhood education. Our teaching methods are incorporated with interactions and we have prepared many engaging activities that both kids and parents can participate in.

Our Founder

Our founder, Rex Boone, created Nonviolent Solution in 2019 as he realized the importance of childcare to parents and their kids alike. He started learning about the needs of children as he got into more detail about childcare and child development.

Our Team

Our team in Nonviolent Solution is made up of talented researchers who have years of experience in the field of childcare. We continue to gain more knowledge as we provide services to parents from all over the United States.